Hypnosis is a communication and re-education process which allows the conscious and subconscious mind to believe the same message.


Specializing in Personal Transformation dealing with

 Anxiety, Birthing, Trauma, Sports Enhancement and Mindfulness


If you experience anxiety on a regular basis, you’re not alone. Anxiety is one of the most common psychological conditions in the world.

Hypnosis empowers people to examine and explore these subconscious, automatic thoughts, recognize them and ultimately, remove them. Hypnosis provides a method for getting down to the root cause of the anxiety – the automatic defense mechanism thinking – and remove the fear, panic or irrational thinking that fuels the anxiety.

A person can use hypnotherapy in for depression to enhance an overall sense of well-being, lift mood, and boost feelings of hopefulness. 

Depression often has a cause, and when the cause is found and released and transformed, the depression lifts.  Hypnosis for depression helps us release many of the negative thinking patterns, bad habits, and suppressed memories that negatively limit the mind. At the same time, hypnosis can improve our coping abilities, help us get in touch with past positive memories, and enhance the effectiveness for traditional depression.


When a deeply distressing experience such as a physical injury or an emotional event occurs in your life, such as experiencing a terrifying & potentially life threatening situation, common symptoms can occur.  Perhaps reliving the experience, having nightmares, feelings of anger, depression or having survivor's guilt.

Hypnosis helps to prevent or reduce following exposure to a traumatic event, reduce symptoms of anxiety, and help people get in touch with memories and feelings associated with their traumatic experience.

Sports Enhancement

Hypnosis can help to improve energy, confidence, focus and productivity. This will help you remove energy obstacles, increase your ability to persevere, amp up your enthusiasm and optimism.

Hypnosis is a form of mental training and can therefore contribute to enhancing athletic execution.


The use of hypnosis in sports offers the following potential benefits that may help athletes handle personal challenges that would otherwise negatively affect sporting performance. Hypnosis:

  • Helps to reinforce established sporting goals

  • Aids athletes to better handle nervousness

  • Contributes to relaxation

  • Facilitates stress management

  • Increases concentration

  • Eliminates sports phobia responses

  • Provides the ability to eliminate distractions

  • Assists in controlling pain

  • Increases performance motivation

  • Improves bodily awareness

Hypnosis in birthing is used to reduce stress & pain associated with birthing. 


As stress can enhance pain, hypnosis is used to reduce a woman's fears around birthing & parenting.  A woman can go into the birthing experience feeling ready for anything, be calm and feel confident and is more likely to have a swift, comfortable birthing experience.

There are many scientific studies showing the usefulness & effectiveness of hypnosis in childbirth.  The mind/body connection is extremely strong & powerful, therefore this connection can be used to enhance and ease a woman's birthing experience.

When we think of Mindfulness it is being aware of what is going on internally whether it may be getting in tune with body image, relaxation, chakra balancing and system balancing.  With hypnosis it can help you get in touch with the underlying information your body and mind are telling you.


About Me

Before becoming a Hypnotherapist, Kathleen’s career was centered as an Engineering Technician in Calgary, AB. With the downturn in the Oil & Gas Sector, she embarked on a new journey by moving to Victoria, BC to be with her Daughter and Son-in-Law.

During that time Kathleen knew that she had to re-invent herself and discovered that Hypnotherapy was a fascinating area of helping others by an empathetic approach.

Kathleen Bricker – Specialties in Hypnotherapy include Personal Transformation, Anxiety, Birthing, Childhood Trauma, Sports Enhancement, Chakra and Mindfulness that will help you handle or eliminate stress in your life.

Certification in Access Consciousness® Bars Course – July 2018

Master’s level in Usui Reiki since 2008

Warm, caring, professional and confidential, Kathleen has dedicated her life to supporting others improve their life’s’ situation.